Friday, January 1, 2010

#3 New Years

In 5 months, I will be out of high school. In 8 months, I'll be in college. Oh, educational moment for ya'll... Single digit numbers are supposed to be spelled out "five", unless it's a time or the start of a sentence. Hmm...

NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS..more like goals ay?
1) Actually keep my resolutions.
2) Laser-tag lock-in
3) Upload A LOT MORE videos to both accounts
4) Ice skating!
5) Find an old coin metal detecting (over 75 years)
6) ~ oo dinner. I'll come back to this later. Maybe..


  1. hello :)
    happy new year. :)
    the no. 6 at your blog caught my attention. It said "oo dinner", oo is a tagalog (Philippine dialect) which means yes, so does it mean you can speak tagalog? haha. just curious. :D
    btw, you're soo good, not just good but talented. regards on yer piano career. ;D

  2. hello! i saw your video at youtube! awesome!!!! :)

  3. LOL You're old :P

    You look younger in the photo.