Friday, March 26, 2010

#5 Motivation: A Life Lesson

Often, I come across people asking me, "Why are you so talented?" They then go on to tell me that they aren't good at anything. If you feel like you are one of these people, please continue to read this post.

First off, a talented/skillful person doesn't have to be a musician, juggler, artist, whatnot. Though many people don't think of it, public-speaking, organization or simply being talkative and friendly are all skills that many don't have. There IS at least one thing you are good at; you just might not know yet.

Still, it is always nice to have a talent that is "physical", and not just a characteristic. I find that it helps me deal with stress.

So, I am asking anyone who reads this to pick up a new hobby/skill soon. Start something and keep at it
Unless of course, you want to live life with the regret of, "I should've done something with my life instead of watch TV all day."

So how would you go about these? You can find tutorials on pretty much anything on YouTube. Watch a few  and begin.

Ideas To Try?

BoldUnderline - Things that would show the most progress in the least time
-Almost free or free
*Gotta buy something

-Soccer (or sports in general) Tricks

*Musical Instruments
*Photography / Editing

**Skateboarding / BMXing / Rollar-blading / Scootering
**Martial Arts / Parkour  (This is how I broke my ankle.... haha)

(I started juggling 9 months ago and am extremely satisfied where I am now (doing 6 balls)
I started guitar a few months ago and am pretty satisfied with where I am.
I gave up on waving (hiphop) but I will get back to it!
I am proud to say I have at least tried everything listed above!

FYI, I did not enjoy juggling when I started. I'm not gonna say picking up a new hobby/skill is easy or even fun... because I was quite frustrated from dropping the juggling balls. However, the fun WILL come when you start to get better. (If you are a person who has has been blessed at being happy even if you don't succeed, more power to you!) Juggling for me and my friends that I have taught, really snuck up on us as entertaining after we mastered the 3-ball cascade. Then, you are open to learn countless new tricks, juggle new objects, and eventually juggle more objects.

In short, START A NEW HOBBY TODAY so you have stuff to do... Be patient and practice.

Post a comment of something you are going to try!


  1. Hello, I'm someone I'm sure you don't know but I know you (via youtube of course XD)and I'm from France. I'm pretty happy to see that my "ideal boy" (sorry xD) is someone thinking about what his hapiness doing something else than playing video games all days or watching tv. Of course, being able to play piano like this is one of the things that shows you're not lazy at all and it can be because I really like you =) I'm not this kind of fan who go around and scream just because you're talented xD It's just that I wanted to make you know that you have another French "fan" who admir you not just because of your skills but also because of your mentality.

    I will try to do what you said. I will certainelly begin with piano xD (typical) but I think it's time to me to begin =)

    Thanks for your presence that makes me keeping try my best and I'm sure, I'm not the only one thinking like that.

    P.S. : sorry for my "bad" english ^^"

  2. i agree with you.
    no pain, no gain

  3. very inspiring me... ^w^
    don't be a couch potato...-_-b
    yeay XD

  4. Parkour/Freerunning
    I WILL become awesome!
    Thanks for caring about others.

  5. wait wut college u go to?

  6. *claps* nice speech! but you forgot though that even with plans people need determination
    *sigh* i guess i need determination to get better at my art and much much more to continue my piano, well i could say that your not only talented but hardworking as well :D

  7. I'm glad you guys took the time to read this!
    Keep on truckin' xP

  8. Well, I love the fact that you posted this. It motivates me so much. I mean, I've been wanting to play piano for a few months now. I don't have much "musical talent" as my dad likes to call it. he said i have to show "talent" before he'll go out of his way and pay for lessons....

    What do you think I should do?

  9. christine mae camuaMay 8, 2010 at 12:35 AM

    you yourself is an inspiration. you know i'm already 19 years old and turning 20 but i decided i should get playing the piano as my new hobby. i tried a few basic pieces and i hope i could improve more. do you think i can make it far enough eventhough i wasn't able to to do it at a young age? My father bought an organ when i was about six but never really took time to play with it seriously. I always wanted to be a good player. I had the interest but noticed I don't have much determination. But then one day, I just woke up that I really wanted to learn. When I'm stressed, happy or sad, I have the feeling that I want to let it out with my hands on the piano. Any other suggestions please?? Thanks. You are so good that I don't think I can put all your piano covers in my phone. haha. You are so talented :D

  10. Living life to it's fullest.

  11. Try something different...
    how about treasure hunting...

  12. i tried art , and editing videos, taking picture and after that editing the pictures ,, not to succesful in editing videos and pictures ,, i love art but not to motivated , i dont know but when our class is on going, this is time when i make my creations, that can can satisfy my classmates...

  13. thank you, Will, it's very inspiring and I'm really surprised that you've tried so many things, even non-music related. It's very significant.

  14. Will, when I first found your videos, you inspired me. I love playing the piano, but that is not what I consider my best ability. I also love to juggle (and many other things on your list), so when I found you ALSO managed to completely master juggling so fast, that inspired me even more. I've been juggling for years and just managed to learn five (although I enjoy a more wide variety of objects/tricks than numbers). I don't know how you do it, but I like your determination and your strong work ethic.