Wednesday, May 19, 2010

#6 Songs With Meaning

Pshhh. Who would ever think that people nowadays listen to songs for meaning now? Fffffft. I mean, what am I even talking about? Listening to songs for meaning? alkejlfal Whaaaa?

I used to be "guilty" of listening songs only for the "beats" or because a particular artist sang it. This is probably what a majority of you do now.

However, it wasn't until this past year where songs began to mean things. They now evoke emotions never experienced before. They leave me pondering in bed at night. They bring me to the lake across the street from my house and leave me staring through it. They steal my soul. Wow, Will, that was deep. Thank you.

I am definitely not condemning any of you if you listen for the beats or for the artist. However, I just want to make it clear that music will mean something different to you when you can connect with it. 

Though it may sound weird from a "pop" piano player, I wish you all listen to the music that has meaning to you. The music I upload is for the entertainment of others. I have my own songs constantly being played on my iPod. Don't be told what to listen to and what to appreciate.

Anyways, when you look at it, a song is worth more than $0.99 or $1.29. It's true power is priceless. 


  1. I think that song have different meaning and it depends of the person listening the music. But there really are music wihtout meaning at all : music that are made to gain money ! It's mean to say it but I'm sure there is a lot of them !

    Anyway, thanks for it ^^

  2. It's great to see someone else not just blindly following the commercial music market, but looking beyond the packaging. :) So many Kpop MVs are guilty of it.

    Anyway thought you'd like to know, I've found that quite a few Japanese and Chinese songs are among some of the more meaningful, although the drawback is of course having to depend on translations if you don't learn the language. (Then again, music is a universal language that speaks straight to the heart, so you'll always feel something even if the music is from another country. :P)

    Oh there's also some anime out there with great soundtracks, besides their famous openings (try Toshio Masuda - Naruto, or FMA.)

    Sorry for the rant and no I'm not a stalker. All the best!