Thursday, July 29, 2010

~Could You Really Use A Wish Right Now?~

What: Perseids Meteor Shower. AKA the best meteor show in the year!
When: August 9-14 (12th is the best)
Where: The World (Outside) Northern Hemisphere has an advantage though.
Why: Because you've been listening to "Airplanes" for the longest time now.

Get away from lights/pollution if possible. Backyards usually work fine. Use lawn chairs or tarps and look up. Be with family or friends. Being by yourself usually gets boring unless that's your thing!

During the peak (August 12th) you can expect to see 1+ meteors/shootingstars per minute.

If you haven't seen a meteor/shooting star before... you definitely need to just to say you have.


  1. Wow -^o^-
    That must be great..
    Thanks for the info. XDDD

  2. wow, I would put this idea that the title has something to do with "airplanes" and the meteor shower on my blog, I had not even read the title mindedly, maybe my title would be "airplanes really are Going to Be shooting stars". but now i saw that your title has something to do with this song

    ( if there is grammatical errors, sorry, i'm brazilian, and some phrases i saw in the google translate)

  3. WOW! that's all i cay say, you're amazing and can't stop listening, i can relate to all your piano covers cause I'm kinda heartbroken right now, emo, lol